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Group work about "A multicultural School" done in the secondary school!

A Multicultural School

So how does this Total Quality Diversity Model work out in "real life"? The answer to this question lies in examining what makes a school or organization multicultural. Many schools and organizations regard themselves as "multicultural" simply on the basis of the ethnic diversity present in their midst. But is this what makes an organization multicultural? And if not, what does and what are the implications for effective schools in the 21st century?
The mere presence of an ethnically and racially diverse student population, due to legal, moral or social imperatives, does not make a school multicultural This is merely being concerned with affirmative action. This was the main accomplishment of the 1960s and 70s, giving people access to the system. In the 1980s the concern was with "valuing differences." In the 1990s the push is for "managing diversity." But in the 21st century the focus of schools and corporations needs to be on "living diversity" (see graphic, The Process of Change).
Many schools and organizations, however, have begun to go back on affirmative action, instead of going on to living diversity. What this means is that the number of ethnically diverse students sitting in the classrooms does not make a school multicultural. All that this may simply represent is that students have gained access to the school they've gotten through the front door. But if all a school does is to give access, then students may leave just as quickly out the back door.
Neither is it merely a concern for understanding, respecting, valuing and celebrating the differences among the various groups represented in the school. Valuing diversity is important, as it may engender an awareness of and a sensitivity to differences, but it does not necessarily translate into structural changes.
What makes a school multicultural is whether or not its "Five Ps":

  • Perspectives
  • Policies
  • Programs
  • Personnel
  • Practices
The School to observe the "Five Ps" must implement the following Four Imperatives:
  1. Reflect the heterogeneity of the school the dynamic of Affirmative Action;
  2. Are sensitive to the needs of the various groups comprising the student population the dynamic of Valuing Differences;
  3. Incorporate their contributions to the overall mission of the school the dynamic of Managing Diversity;
  4. Create a cultural and social ambiance that is inclusive and empowers all groups in the school the dynamic of Living Diversity.

The school to be considered a multicultural school needs to respect 4º conditions:
- Dynamic of Affirmative action; accept the cultures, “say yes” to the students who come from other countries.
- Dynamic of valuing differences; give them a support.
- Dynamic of Managing Diversity; sharing of new knowledge, which make the school richer.
- Dynamic of living diversity; an enabling environment for the exchange of experiences.

    Works done in the secondary school!

    Summary of the text "A Multicultural School"

    J.B.Stuart High School in Virginia is a multicultural school, where there is a range of colors and cultures.
    The students who come from different countries look like a homogeneous mixtures, because they have the same clothes, attitude, likes and dislikes that the American teens.
    But they have different backpack and families stories, but they are also losing the identity against parents’ expectations.
    These new Americans are creating a new America, a more interesting America.

    A School without Racial Discrimination

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